The Necromancer's Knife

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The Necromancer's Knife

  • When?
    • In the month of the Griffin in the year of the Spider
  • Where?
    • The city-state of Belthaar
  • Who?
    • Sulili-Borsa, Shemite Bard
      • Nuadeen, Men-at-arms from the Black Kingdoms
    • Akram, Turanian Explorer
      • Mullora, Shemite torchbearer
    • Ngoro-ngoro, Darfari Barbarian
      • Larwood, Aquilonian Men-at-Arms
  • What?

Looting a silver dagger from would-be muggers who killed Larwood the characters had it evaluated by the decadent sage Etanashu. He recognized it as a funerary treasure of the necromancer Ikhtanabu Xul. While the characters were looking for a buyer, Mullora disappeared with the dagger. They followed her to the Plaza of the Peacock and assumed that as a former graverobber she had gone to find the necromancer's tomb. They did find a secret entrance to the catacombs from an abandoned house and had to shoot some giant rats to gain access.

They asked for directions from a grave robber, who Ngoro-Ngoro then stabbed in the back. When they found the tomb, it was still sealed. A secret passage had to be found to get inside! In the tomb Mullora was reading a magical tome, possessed by the necromancer. When she was knocked out, the shade appeared in the tomb, frightening everyone else except for Sulili-Borsa. He made a deal with the ghost, vowing on his gods to slay the necromancer's treacherous apprentice Arakshat.

The others were not happy with the infernal pact, and they decided to destroy the undead any way they could. To achieve this the artifact locking it's spirit had to be destroyed too. They had to break open the sarcophagus to do this and there they found two tomes among the old bones. Ikhtanabu Xul was furious about Sulili-Borsa's treachery and attacked him. While Ngoro-Ngoro was keeping it at bay the other were able to set the iron-bound tomes on fire.

The treasure was pitiful, some uncut gems and the funerary dagger. Still, they offered some of it as a thanks to their gods for guidance and protection.