The Reach Astrography (The Reach Campaign)

From Karriviki

Interactive Sector Map

The Reach Surroundings are composed of several features. There are two mains; the Lahti Main and the Wald Main; and three groups; the Mellansel Group, the Reach and the Varkaus Cluster. The area between the Reach and Mellansel group and spinward of them is a gap called the Turku Wastes. With the exception of Riad, all the systems in the area can be raeched by Jump-2 ships.

Navigation and Trade Routes

The interactive map shows the trade routes within the area.

  1. Thick line = Main route (1M dtons & 20k passangers/week, 20 ships/day)
  2. Medium line = Intermediate route (100k dtons & 2k passangers/week, 10 ships/day)
  3. Thin line = Feeder route (10k dtons & 200 passangers/week, 3 ships/day)
  4. Dashed line = Minor route (1k dtons & 20 passangers/week 1 ship/day)

Worlds on any route have fresh navigation data available (less than a month old). For systems outside of trade routes the most recent data is 1d6 years old. With luck or contacts a newer data can be found (2d6-1 months old).