The Serpent Reign

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"Then Earth will
be solved by the Ancient Ones,
it will become a Reich
Where Serpents

The Serpent Reign

The Beginning

1st Battalion, 107th Field Artillery (28th ID)

In DEC 2003 the 1st Battalion 107th FA was activated and received Military Police training at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Following a month of training, the soldiers of the 107th where deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom. The different batteries where dispersed throughout Iraq serving as MPs.

C Battery saw action in Fallujah during Operation Valiant Resolve in the spring campaign. Members of C Battery also saw combat in the area surrounding Camp Anaconda and Abu Ghraib, a military prison. Another contingent provided security for Ambassador Paul Bremer and other high ranking State Department officials at Coalition HQ.

List of Characters

2nd Platoon, C Battery

  • SGT Neil Dupontis [Polaria]
  • CPL Jonathan Greenhill [Anry1600]
  • SPC Henry Morris [GrandMoff]
  • SPC Darius Hosseini [JKauhanen]
  • SPC Preston Carr [Kentti]
  • PVT Justin Cook [npc]
  • PVT Guadalupe Lopez [npc]
  • PVT Roman Harris [npc]

List of Important Places on Earth

  • National Museum of Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq

List of Important Places on the Other World

  • City of Frix