Timeline (The Reach War)

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Before the War

Reach Peacekeeping Operation

  • 1104.27 The RCDC is informed of the situation in Kouvola.
  • 1104.29 The Reach Council is called on to delibrate on the situation.
  • 1104.31 The Reach Council makes a call to arms.
  • 1104.38 The RCDC is activated.
  • 1104.45 The Reach Council has confirmation from all of the member worlds. An intervention is authorized.
  • 1104.60 The RCDC Reaction Force assembles at Turku system.
  • 1104.62 The RCDC Reaction Force jumps from Turku system to Kouvola.
  • 1104.66 The first part of the fleet arrives to Kouvola system.
  • 1104.67 The Suolahti naval aggressors leave the system.
  • 1104.70 The RCDC Reaction Force assembles on far orbit around Kouvola.
  • 1104.71 The RCDC gunships and destroyers neutralize Kouvola Highport's defenses.
  • 1104.72 The RCDCRF 10th Infantry Corps begin taking over Kouvola Highport assited by RCDC Marines.

1st War Month

Operation Walrus Aluminium

  • 1104.72 The Gamma company is ordered into the Highport with a mission to take the secondary power generation systems.
  • The gamma company took their primary objectives with low casualties.
  • Use of heavy supporting fire damaged the power generators too much, causing them to shut down.
  • The operation succeedeed in liberating the Highport.
  • Too many critical systems of the starport were damaged either by the RCDC forces or by sabotage by Suolahti troops.
  • The station had to be abandoned as unsafe and unusable.
  • A skeleton crew had been left to the station to run it and had to be evacuated.

Operation Iron Bird

  • 1104.80 10th Infantry Corps drops to the surface of Kouvola to secure a landing zone for the rest of the Reaction Force.