Transcendent Order (Planescape)

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Faction Philosophy

These guys say that for a body to become one with the multiverse, he’s got to stop thinking and act. Action without thought is the purest form of thought. When a cutter can know what to do without even thinking about it, then he’s become one with the multiverse.

It goes like this. Every berk’s part of the multiverse, and nothing’s apart from it. So it figures that every being knows the right action to take at just the right moment. Problem is, some folks start thinking and and mess it all up. Thinking adds hesitation and doubt. It overrules instinct and separates a sod from the multiverse. By the time a poor sod’s thought about something, the right action for the right moment is gone.

So all a berk’s got to do is just quit thinking, right? ‘Course it ain’t that easy. Any addle-cove can blunder in and act without giving thought, but that’s not the goal. A body’s got to work hard at learning himself - learning his own mind and instincts until the right action comes automatically. It’s done by training both the body and mind. Just like the way thieves practice their cross-trade, a Cipher’s got to train his mind (the source of action) and body (the actor) to be one thing. There’s no difference between the two, no separation between thought and motion. Body and mind act as one - the hand moves before the thought reaches it.

So what’s all this get a fellow, then? Once mind and body are in harmony, the spirit becomes in tune with the multiverse. A blood understands the purpose of the multiverse and knows just where and how he should be.

Factol Rhys

Rhys, a darkly beautiful tiefling, has long, pointed ears; dusky skin;reddish eyes; and thick, dark hair. Her legs resemble the hind Legs of a horse. This tiefling also boasts a reptilian tail and a partial carapace, like that of an insect. Even in calm conditions, her hair moves as if ruffled by the wind; sometimes the strands seem to writhe on their own, like serpents.

The factol radiates an aura that draws others to her, a natural charisma she can use to persuade - or intimidate. She seldom uses this charisma, though, as she usually prefers introspection to contact with others. At times, while existing in a state of unity of mind and body, she seems distant and aloof; whether practicing combat moves with the staff or striding purposefully through her faction’s headquarters- the Great Gymnasium- she makes a basher think she’s deeply in touch with the multiverse. Other Ciphers (and many members of other factions) see her as an ideal: a representation of ultimate harmony and beauty.

A key reason Rhys makes such a good factol is that she can inspire people to greatness. She has achieved such a great degree of internal harmony, she can afford to turn her attention outward. She serves as a great coach, providing direction to Ciphers and others training in the Great Gymnasium with just one choice remark. She can grasp instantly the necessary compromise in any dispute, which allows her to further harmony among the other factions - at least temporarily. Any berk can see she’ll achieve her personal unity with the multiverse any day now: She practically glows with harmonic radiance and seems to vibrate on a level just beyond the senses.

Collected wisdom of the Factol Rhys of the Transcendent Order

I am myself and my circumstances.

Understand yourself, and you'll be in touch with the multiverse. Then you can transcend the mundane to become one with all there is.

The rhythm of the multiverse has played through my very being. I am one with the Cadence of the planes

If you need to think before acting, then you open yourself to doubt, to hesitation, to failure.

Yes, I can share my knowledge with you. I can even tell you what goals to pursue. but I cannot teach you. Teaching has to come from within. You must learn the secrets of yourself.

Learn your place in the multiverse, in space and time. If you know - really know - you need not think at all. You can simply do. At first, you may spend only a few seconds in this unique state of awareness, where idea equals action. Then you can spend minutes there. Soon you'll be enjoying this perfect melding of body and mind for an hour, a day, even a week. Once you achieve this state so well that you remain within it always, you have transcended to the next level of existence, for which we all strive.

I and many others were with former Factol Valny Hawkins when he suddenly stopped, smiled with satisfaction, and faded from view. He has not been seen since,

Achieve understanding of self. Play music or dance. Paint or fight. Find your own way. And practice. Keep practicing until your body knows what to do. You have had years to learn the wrong way to do things, and it may take you years to learn the right way. The key is to act.

Course, any fool can act without thought. Many do. But they act not only without thought, but also without knowledge. They move themselves external to the ways of the multiverse. Know yourself and your place in the multiverse, and you will see yourself moving as one with the planes, without thinking.

The multiverse has a flow, a balance, strive for balance, create harmony of mind and body, and you will eventually no longer need to try or to think. That will he the next step on the road to understanding, the first measure of the Cadence of the Planes.

I have spent weeks in the state where every action and reaction happens automatically.I feel the Cadence of the Planes and know harmony with myself. One day, I will enter that state and never leave.