Valeria (Planescape)

From Karriviki

6´ tall female half-elf with stark white hair and ice blue eyes. Clad in heavy armor and powerfully built, radiating righteousness, Valeria strikes an imposing figure rather than a beautiful one. She may not be that smart, but she is strong, and knows right from wrong.

Before green dragon decimated Phlan, Valeria was in the City Guard and known on the cobbles as the only good copper in the whole thoroughly corrupted force. This didn't endear the budding paladin to her colleagues, though, and in their eyes holier than thou seeming behaviour combined with her looks earned Valeria the nickname "Ice Queen", for her coffers were obviously bursting with riches already as she didn't need bribes or protection money, and was oh so highborn as she didn't dirty her hands roughing up suspects and common folk, nor partake in other nefarious activities.