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[Delta Green] In darkness, a sight

edited March 2016 in Roolipelit
[size=14pt]IN DARKNESS, A SIGHT[/size]
[size=12pt]a DELTA GREEN - campaign[/size]

1 - Empty spaces, abandoned places (17.10.2015)
[experience points awarded: 9]
Antarctica, Anvers Island, Palmer station.

2 - Another mindless crime (TBA)

x - Waters Cold and Dark (TBA)



    Agent JOSHUA

    Agent JULIET



    * CPO Matthew LeCroix, ”Chief” (Mustis)
    - US Navy, SEAL Team 4
    - 15 years in special operations

    * PO1 Javier Manuel Ortega, “Navi” (Kari)
    - US Navy, SEAL Team 4
    - former U.S. Navy Master-at-arms (miltary police)

    * PO1 Manuel Ignacio Ruiz, “Manny” (Janne)
    - US Navy, SEAL Team 4

    * PO3 Hermalindo Ibarra Ortiz, "Hese" (Vessu)
    - US Navy, SEAL Team 4
    - former Naval helicopter crewman

    * PO3 Esteban Calisto De Santiego, “Doc” (Luide)
    - US Navy, SEAL Team 4
    - former Navy Corpsman

    * PO2 Martin Brooks, "Judge" (Petsku)
    - US Navy, SEAL Team 4
    - degree in law from NY Uni


    Julia V. Farrell
    - NSF Polar Programs, Station manager
    - location unknown, presumed to be armed and dangerous

    Phillip Q. Barber
    - NSF Polar Programs, Research coordinator
    - location unknown, presumed to be armed and dangerous

    Demyan Yemelyanovich Komarov, “Demez”
    - Former member of Ukrainian National Police (Rapid Operational Response Unit, a SWAT-like force).
    - location unknown, presumed to be armed and dangerous

    Anatoly Vadimovich Maslov, “Tolja”
    - 67 years, 193 cm
    - Former USSR chemical weapons researcher, retired from the “Environment Protection Section” of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry.
    - location unknown, presumed to be armed and dangerous


    CDR Jonathan Cauverghton, “UNCLE BOB”
    - US Navy, CO of the US NAVY SEAL Team 4

    CPT Oriko Beverly Russell
    - USMC Chemical Biological Incident Response Force (CBIRF)
  • Reflected Experience System:

    Value  Rating  Dice 
    64+Legendary 6d20L
    32-63Master 5d20L 
    16-31Expert 4d20L 
    8-15Professional 3d20L 
    4-7Competent 2d20L 
    1-3Novice 1d20 
    0Unskilled 2d20H 

    * New skills
    Opening a new skill costs 5 experience points.

    * Improving skills
    To gain a point of skill value you have to pay the number of experience points that equal to the number of dice of the new value.

    Example 1: To increase a skill value from 6 to 7 you will have to pay 2 experience points (value 7 is Competent, 2 dice). As the value 6 was also Competent, the rating of the skill does not change.
    Example 2: To increase a skill value from 7 to 8 you will have to pay 3 experience points (value 8 is Professional, 3 dice). As the value 7 was Competent, the skill rating will now change to Professional.

    * Learning experience
    On the character sheet, three boxes are located next to each skill.  Whenever your character undergoes a learning experience, check one of the boxes next to the appropriate skill. No character may receive any of these awards more than once per session per skill. The following events are considered learning experiences (GM discretion applies):
    Extraordinary Success in the Face of Adversity: You make a skill check with a total modifier of at least -5 and succeed with a margin of success of 5 or more.
    Catastrophic Failure: You fail a skill check, and at least half of the dice you rolled come up 20s. This doesn’t count as a learning experience if your character’s rating in the affected skill is Unskilled, as he has to have some minimum basis for understanding before he can learn from his mistakes.
    Roleplaying: The GM may, at his discretion, award a learning experience as a reward for particularly good roleplaying involving use or discussion of the specific skill.

    Each ticked box is worth 2 points of experience. To improve a skill you must use at least one experience point – you cannot buy skill value with learning experience boxes alone. If you use learning experience boxes or if the skill rating changes erase all your check marks and starts the process over.
  • I.  Identify the possible existence of a preternatural anomaly.

    II.  Confirm or deny the anomaly as preternatural in nature.

    III. Eliminate the source of the preternatural anomaly.

    IV. Ensure public ignorance of both Delta Green and preternatural threats.
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