8th Protector Regiment (Dalcour Military)

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8th Protector Regiment
Active August 1, 2906 - present
Country Republic of Dalcour (2906 - present)
Branch Army
Type BattleMech Forces
Part of Armed Forces of Dalcour
Garrison/HQ Overgaard Base, Limburg
Nickname the Drilling Dragoons
Motto Peace and justice we deliver



As of 3025, the 8th Protector Regiment consisted of the following units:

    • 1st Battalion
      • 12th Protector COY
      • 105th Support COY
    • 2nd Battalion
      • 34th Infantry COY
      • 35th Infantry COY
      • 37th Infantry COY
      • 39th Infantry COY
      • 42th Infantry COY
    • 3rd Battalion
      • 13th Artillery COY
      • 17th Artillery COY
      • 23rd Artillery COY
    • 4th Battalion
      • 15th Armour COY
      • 16th Armour COY
      • 18th Armour COY
      • 38th Armour COY
    • 5th Battalion
      • 47th Infantry COY
      • 125th Support COY
      • 126th Support COY
      • 127th Support COY
      • 129th Support COY
      • 81st Forward Surgical Group
      • 117th Technical Center
    • 6th Battalion
      • 51st Engineer COY
      • 53rd Engineer COY
      • 55th Engineer COY
    • 7th Battalion
      • 48th Infantry COY
      • 49th Infantry COY

BattleMechs and pilots

1st Battalion
Rapier lc CHP-2N Champion [60] VAGRANT CAPT Nicklas Winther
CIDER LTCOL Viva Bennett BN CO in Command Console
CDA-2A Cicada [40] REPTILE CMO4 James Harris
DECOY SMO1 Phyllis Dawson Secondary Pilot
JVN-10F Javelin [30] ICEBOX LT Angela Collins
STG-3G Stinger [20] JIGSAW LTJG Fanan Maalouf
DETOX SMO1 Othmaro Cordero Secondary Pilot
12th Protector COY
Dagger LC LCT-1E Locust [20] GREMLIN LT Afifah Mustafa
AGILE SMO1 Vesta Moore Secondary Pilot
LCT-1V Locust [20] ROCKET CMO3 Frank Gaber
CIRCUS SMO1 Lucas Carlsen Secondary Pilot
LCT-1V Locust [20] ROULETTE MO2 Hermalindo Elizondo
LOADER SMO1 Maya Alemán Secondary Pilot
LCT-1V Locust [20] BLACKHAND MO2 Selma Hedegaard
AXEMAN SMO1 Adel Bitar Secondary Pilot
Backsword LC OTL-4D Ostsol [60] BADGER FCMDR George Fry
OTL-4D Ostsol [60] GASPIPE MO2 Erica Harris
HER-2S Hermes II [40] SWORDFISH LTJG David Christensen
GLASS SMO1 Anthony Bass Secondary Pilot
FS9-K Firestarter [35] VIKING MO2 Ruhi Almasi
NEWSREEL SMO1 Dante Campos Secondary Pilot
Claymore LC CRD-3R Crusader [65] EVADER CAPT Salvatore Nowak
ANTLER LTJG Halimah Ganim Secondary Pilot
CRD-3R Crusader [65] AVENGER CMO3 Ernestina Hubbard
ZEPPELIN SMO1 Rana Najjar Secondary Pilot
WTH-1 Whitworth [40] ANCHOR MO2 Jakob Christoffersen
TURBO SMO1 Jeppe Nilsson Secondary Pilot
CDA-2A Cicada [40] UNCLE MO2 Selma Pedersen
ANIMAL SMO1 Karen Kreider Secondary Pilot