Alexander Ghatak (Tomorrow We Die)

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Ghatak, Alexander
Alexander Ghatak
Rank/title ForceCommander
Unit Strike Element, 3AE
Position Command lance leader
Nationality Lattimer Collective
Date of Birth 7.6.2987
Allegiance The Rebellion
Callsign Southpaw
Assigned vehicle MAD-3R Marauder ("The Dark Dancer") as primary pilot
Quote "Incompetency and corruption of the government killed my wife and daughter. I don't let them continue without resistance further on that poisonous path they have chosen."

Appearance and personality

Six feet tall athletic officer in his late thirties. Black hair and brown eyes. Mother side ethnic background from part of Lattimer Collective's population of Indian origin is apparent in his features. Good posture and self-confident bearing honed by over two decades of military and martial art training.

Serious and silent man with dry sarcastic sense of humor. Alexander Ghatak isn't the most approachable person, but he is known to be resolute Mechwarrior and capable commander.


Early life and education

The first-born son of upper middle class family without any remarkable military tradition. Both parents were well-doing public servants from Kolby Dome in Lattimer Collective and patriotism was strongly present in everyday life of Alexander and his siblings.

Already at an early age Alexander showed keen interest to military career and read everything related to military history he managed to get his hands on. At the age of 14 he declared to his parents that he would became an officer in Lattimer Collective's Special Forces. Like many young boys Alexander admired Mechwarriors, but at this stage joining to their ranks was not even a remote possibility in his mind.

Alexander worked purposefully to achieve his goal and was accepted to Lattimer Defense College at the age of 17. Three years later he graduated with excellent grades from College's security training program (Special forces) to rank of LTJG and immediately after that, to his great surprise, College offered him an opportunity to join to the mechwarrior training program with Lattimer Collective's stipend.

Soon after graduating as a mechwarrior Alexander met also beautiful young woman from influential Pranatan family. Affair led to unintended pregnancy and hurried marriage for avoiding the loss of family's honor. A couple got son Esmail during Alexander's complementary Mechwarrior Officer Candidate Course in 3009 and daughter Layla was born a couple of years later in 3012.


After OCC Alexander was assigned to lance leader in 13th Protector COY and promoted to LT.

Young LT got his baptism of fire in Operation Emerald Spider in 3013. During attack against company's barracks Alexander showed his cool-headed nature and ability to act without hesitation in chaotic situation. After the bombs exploded and the Dhabihu Dhabu militia launched attack against the base with heavy tanks and assault helicopters, Alexander was the first Mechwarrior who managed to get his battlemech out from destroyed mech bay. In the followed firefight he was able to give cover to other AFD personnel present, even if his Shadow Hawk and one another mech were also destroyed in the battle.

From his actions he was decorated with Distinguished Service Star and after disbandment of 13th Protector COY he was assigned to lance leader of Backsword lance of 12th Protector Company.

In that position he participated to Operation Terracotta in 3016 where he saw more action. Excellent service was recognized with promotion to rank of captain and assingnment to second in command of 12th Protector Company, as well as decoration with the Order of the Undying during same year.

Alexander served as 2IC several years and participated to operation Dust Raven in 3017 and Operation Potterware in 3021. During operation Potterware he worked closely with colonel Cardona who gave him command of the task force's another strike element. From his accomplishments he was decorated with Distinguished Service Medal in 3020 and Silver Eagle in 3022.

During these years he faced also great personal tragedy when his beloved wife and eight year old daughter perished in devastating truck bomb attack of Solid Movement terrorist group in Sultanate's capital in 3020. The incident known nowadays as Medkeamanan bombing.

When bombs exploded Alexander was on his way back to home from Tamarind rotation and heard about death of his wife and daughter only two weeks later when his dropship landed to Dalcour. He blamed incompetent and corrupted federal government from his loss as danger of Solid Movement had been well known already several years earlier, but nothing was done due to the political reasons.

After the death of his wife Alexander has been also obliged to take care of his surviving son Esmail. Despite this his career continued successfully and in 3022 he was assigned to Command lance leader of Strike Element of 3rd Assault Element and in 3024 he was promoted to FCMDR.

Personnel file

Name  : Ghatak, Alexander
Known aliases  : callsign Southpaw
Rank  : Force Commander
Position  : Command lance leader, Strike Element, 3rd Assault Element, AFD
Nationality  : Lattimer Collective, Dalcour, Free Worlds League
Place of Birth  : Kolby Dome, Lattimer Collective
Date of Birth  : 7.6.2987
Parents  : David and Aisha Ghatak
Marital Status  : Widower
Next of kin  : Esmail Ghatak-Pranata (Son)
Languages  : English, German, Hindi
Religion  : Mixture of beliefs from mainline protestantism and hinduism
Distinguishing features  : Nasty burn scar in right forearm. A reminder from the loss of his first battlemech during the Operation Emerald Spider.

Service Record

  • Lattimer Defense College 3007
  • AFD MechWarrior School 3007
  • Advanced BattleMech Training 3008
  • Officer Candidate Course 3009
  • Assigned to lance leader, 13th Protector COY [8th Protector RGT] 3009
  • Promotion to LT 3009
  • Tamarind Service Tour 1/3011-1/3012
  • Operation Emerald Spider 3013 (seven COIN events)
  • Assigned to lance leader, Backsword lance of the 12th Protector Company [8th Protector RGT] 3013
  • Tamarind Service Tour 1/3015-1/3016 (five combat events, four confirmed kills)
  • Operation Terracotta 3016 (three combat events, two confirmed kills)
  • Promotion to CAPT 3016
  • Assigned to second in command of 12th Protector Company 3016
  • Operation Dust Raven 3017 (one combat event, one confirmed kill)
  • Tamarind Service Tour 1/3019-1/3020
  • Operation Potterware 3021 (five combat events)
  • Assigned to Command lance leader of Strike Element, 3rd Assault Element 3022
  • Tamarind Service Tour 7/3022-1/3023
  • Battalion Staff Officer course 3023
  • Promotion to FCMDR 3024
  • Operation Morgenster 3025 (one combat event, one confirmed kill)

Awards and decorations

  • Tamarind Service Medal III 3011
  • Distinguished Service Star 3013
  • Tamarind Service Medal II 3015
  • Order of the Undying 3016
  • Tamarind Service Medal I 3019
  • Faithful Service Medal 3019
  • Distinguished Service Medal 3020
  • Silver Eagle 3022