Lattimer Collective (Dalcour Province)

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Planet information
Name Lattimer
System position 4th
Jump point
8.40 days
Moons 1 (Feesin)
Day length 27
Surface gravity 0.93
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Thin)
Equatorial temperature 11° C (Arid)
Surface water 31%
Highest native life Insect
Population 155,000,000
Founded 2181
Socio-Industrial Levels -
HPG (Representative) -

The Collective is a hard place to live in. The cold, stormy planet is barely inhabitable, and all the population on Lattimer live in seven dome cities that make up the Collective. Lattimer Collective has only a small number of ground forces; but as with other FRD provinces, the citizens of the Collective are also recruited to the AFD. Lattimer has abundant mineral resources, and even if the public image of Lattimerans is often close to a dirty mine worker, actually the Lattimer is by far the richest of the provinces.


- the total number of A class shares was set to 11,250,000 in the Code of the Collective in 2844

- each A class shareholder has "full citizenship rights", the right to vote being the most important one

- total of 8,062,555 individuals own one or more A class shares

- the biological offspring of A class shareholders are awarded with a B class share at birth

- the B class shareholder has "basic citizenship rights"

the A class shareholders at the end of 3024 fiscal year:

  • 61% of the shares were 'single-stacked' (a single individual owns only one A class share) 6,865,500
  • 39% of the shares were 'multi-stacked' (a single individual owns two or more) 4,364,800
    • 1,015,000 individuals owned two A class shares 2,030,000
    • 174,350 individuals owned more than 2 but less than 10 shares 540,500
    • 7652 individuals owned more than 10 but less than 1000 shares 504,597
    • 53 individuals owned more than 1000 A class shares 1,289,703
  • 0.2% (19700) shares in Collective Administration reserve

Administrative districts

  • Alexandria Dome
  Population 21,000,000 
  Shareholders (A) 265,000
  • Baynard Station
  Population 7,000,000 
  Shareholders (A) 850,000  
  • Blue Parrot Station
  Population 12,000,000  
  Shareholders (A) 185,000
  • Kolby Dome
  Population 49,000,000 
  Shareholders (A) 2,950,000
  • Lafayette Station
  Population 21,000,000 
  Shareholders (A) 650,000
  • Paramount Dome
  Population 18,000,000  
  Shareholders (A) 2,050,000
  • Sheldon Dome
  Population 27,000,000  
  Shareholders (A) 1,100,000


  Main article: Lattimer Security Forces
Fact Sheet
Name The Lattimer Trade and Research Collective
Founding year 2291 (As the Kolby Collective)
Capital city Sheldon Dome
National Symbol White icosahedron with letter K on each face
Government Corporate oligarchy
Ruler Director Julieta Gott
Population 175,000,000
Official Languages English
Religion None official