Character guide (Omega Point)

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Central City Construct, Los Angeles (North American Symposium)

Vincent, Cynthia (Syndicate)
Supervisor, Director of Operations

Barrientos, Emil (ITX)
Supervisor, Director of Scientific Procedures

Fesahaye, Bisrat (Syndicate)
Supervisor, Director of Cultural Engineering

Mitchell, Lee (Syndicate)
Supervisor, Support Manager

Moore, Clayton (ITX)

Hackett, Ivena (SYN)
Support amalgam member

CCC Amalgams

  1. Amalgam 314-40 Support group
  2. Amalgam 419-53 Security detachment
  3. Amalgam 419-54 Security / SWAT team
  4. Amalgam 311-10 North west coast region
  5. Amalgam 311-17 South west coast region
  6. Amalgam 313-22 Psy/media operations
  7. Amalgam 317-31 Special investigations

Pan Pacific Construct, Los Angeles (North American Symposium)

Moriyama, Hideaki (NWO)
Supervisor, Support Manager

Oliviera, Carissa (NWO)

Amalgam 127-21 (Pan Pacific)

Amalgam 419-71 (Pan Pacific)

Hilmayer, Thomas (ITX)
CO, Security detachment

Amalgam 644-46 (Pan Pacific)

Shike, Asyna (NWO)
CO, Support detachment

Variable Exchange Center, New York City (North American Symposium)

Hadley, Alexandra (Syndicate)

Jones, Robert (NWO)

Reed, Nathan (Progenitors)

Hendry, Jacob (Progenitors)

Reese, Felix (ITX)

Ellison, James (ITX)

Herzog, Mike (VE)

Lawrence, Grant (NWO)
Formerly known as Leonard Kerr
Supervisor, Support Cell

Vettera, Lynn (Progenitors)
Supervisor, Scientific Procedures Cell

Helix Group (Void Engineers)

Gunnarsson, Lava (VE)
The commander of Helix North America.

Other Technocrats

Damien, John (VE)
Assistant to the NAS Board of Directors.

Ashton, Patricia (VE)
Independent scientist.

Haugen, Joseph (PRO)
Progenitor scientific advisor on NAS.

Terrorist groups

The Third Union

Alverio, Santos
Rogue Void Engineer. [VISIONS REFRACTED]

Vickery, Richard
Rogue Void Engineer. [VISIONS REFRACTED]


Weltanschauung Foundation

Kozlowski, Sylvester
Director of the Weltanschauung Foundation. [TBA]

Cult of Harmony

Augeri, Nolan Maxwell

Broadhill Society

Gennaro, Frederic

Weissenbraun, Blake

Independent or unknown

Laurent, Helena, MD
Hematology Specialist at the Los Alamitos Medical Center. Lakewood, CA. [LET THE DEVIL DIE]

Southmoor, Patrick
Fake ID created for a vampire identified as William Clark. Lakewood, CA. [LET THE DEVIL DIE]

Clark, Tony
Chairman of the Walter Miller Clark Scholarship Fund. Lakewood, CA. [LET THE DEVIL DIE]

Cardinale, Millard
Sheriff of the Trinity County. Trinity county, CA. [PLOMO O PLATA]

Jeffries, Jonathan
Movie producer. Los Angeles, CA. [HIGH ON HOLLYWOOD]

Southlake, Michael
Sergeant, LAPD. Los Angeles, CA. [HIGH ON HOLLYWOOD]

Reader, Louis

Pham, Van

Maciejewski, Ignacy

Massawa, Selam

McCormack, Kaitlin

Yamasaki, Lewis

Moor, Eonahan

Ngato, Bwalan

Lang, Crystal

Hsiung, Peng

Welsch, Liane

Bankos, Estell

Hockett, Ivena

Philhower, Jeremiah

Kostek, Thomas

Liu, Jiang Li