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ACKS! - Conan (Xoth)

This is the main page of the Kurry "Conan"-campaign. The campaign is powered by the "Adventurer Conqueror King System" (ACKS![1]) and the first set of adventures was originally written for Xoth.

ACKS! is similar to the "Rules Cyclopedia" version of old D&D, but has been written around the XP/gold economics for better internal consistency. It is purposefully limited to a maximum level of 14.

Xoth is a sword and sorcery world emulating the Hyborian age of the Conan stories. The names and cultures are different, but the spirit is same.

The campaign is linear, following the pre-scripted, but unrelated, adventures with some side-treks. It's an open campaign with more players and characters than are involved in each adventure. This way it is not tied to any particular player's presence; as long as any of the old characters are in the adventure belongs to the campaign.



Hyborian World

House Rules