House Rules

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House Rules

The main rule system for the campaign is ACKS!, but there are many house rules to expand and modify it for the hyborian sword and sorcery milieu.

Wisdom and Saves

Wisdom bonus is added to all saving throws. This is to increase the importance of the attribute to non-cleric characters. As wisdom reflects will power, senses and common sense of the character, it should also affect their chances to survive hazards.

Heroic Healing

When a character's damage total is less than half of their maximum hit points, they are not seriously wounded. A nights rest or some wine will cure all of that damage. When the damage exceeds the half-way mark, the character is "bloodied" and healing is slower.

A bloodied character will heal at the following rates:

  • ½ of maximum hit points in one week of rest
  • 1/14 of maximum hit points in one day of rest
    • If this is less than 1 HP/day, they'll have to rest for several days to recover a full HP
    • This number is also called "Healing Rate"

Healing Proficiency, herbs and magic:

  • For first aid on mortally wounded characters they will heal damage as written in the ACKS! rules (d3, d6+1 etc. points)
  • For long term healing they will multiply the Healing Rate by 1+dice of healing (doubling or tripling healing rate with Medicine proficiency levels 1 and 3)
    • Professional care or magical long-term healing will also allow healing when not resting (i.e. traveling or working), at a total Healing Rate multiplier equal to the number of dice

Note that herbs will cause fatigue unless a Herbalism, Healing or Save vs. Poison roll is successful.

Luck Points

Conviction Points

Character Classes