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Occult books collected

The Secret of the Highest North

The Secret of the Highest North

Codex of the World's Ruin

  • Codex mundi ruina by Cong van Hierden
    • Original in Latin 1665
      • Missing several pages
    • First English translation 1725
    • Mass produced in 1971
  • Collection of northern indian legends about the end of the world
  • A diary of his travels in the New Continent among the local tribes
  • Among the indian rites contains "Conjuration of the Cursed Demon of the Tempests"
  • 2 weeks to study

The Terrible Words

  • Itaque gravissimorum verborum, a thesis by Rene Eggers
    • Originally written in Latin in 1876
    • Translated to French in 1898
    • Translated to German in 1921
    • Translated to English in 1958
  • A scientific study of the words of power in the runic script used by the vikings and their esoteric symbolism and metaphysics
  • Purports to all of the runes being arranged in a genealogical pyramid, with the missing first rune on the top
  • Doesn't actually tell what the rune is, but is filled with conjecture and speculation
  • 4 weeks to study

Opus of Exalted Heavens

  • Opus av upphöjda himlen by Gardi Hoveson
    • A northern hermit adept of the occult to overpower the Christian faith by showing the true gods in the heavens.
    • He used the stargazing and alchemical secrets to influence the minds of the weak
    • He was slain by a famous knight Gudmund the Chaste
  • Published in Swedish 1784
  • Translated into English 1889
  • Mass produced in 1933
  • Contains the magic "A petty binding of words"
  • 2 weeks to study

Atlas of the Invisible Truth

  • Atlas Invisibilem Veritatem by Egisto Almonte Pedroza
  • Original in Latin 1726
    • Held in the closed section of the Harvard University library in Cambridge
    • Small manuscript, less than 10 cm
    • Written as a palimpsest on top of an old psalm book
    • Partially destroyed
  • English translation 1930
  • Softcover limited run reprint in 1963
  • A study of the beliefs of the Tibetan Buddhists of the left-hand path, Vamachara
  • Written by a Jesuit interested in the local "devil worship"
  • Bitter record of rites by a writer who despises his subject
  • Describes the horrible ritual "Ruinous Chant of Cryptic Masters"
    • Calls upon "the worms of the earth" to wreak destruction on a target
    • Requires the night of the new moon and up to 2 weeks of ritual after it
  • 1 week to study