Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Operation Chupacabra

From Karriviki

Date: 15.12.1997

Agents and Friedlies:

  • Julius Estéban (Agent Robert)
  • Joseph Mulligan
  • Theodore Weeden

Case Details



  • NSA agent Harold Maison
  • Mexican migrant workers
  • A truck driver


  • FBI investigation into the disappearance of NSA agent Harold Maison




  • New Mexico
    • Beaumont
    • La Paz


Operation Log

  • FBI investigation lead by special agent Theodore Weeden
  • NSA agent Harold Maison had disappeared on a mission while under cover as an INS agent
    • His rental car had been found near a highway at a desolate location
  • We flew in and rented an off-road vehicle
  • The local sheriff could only add that the agent had gone missing in night time
  • The car showed damage from a collision in the front
  • At the accident site we found the brake tracks
    • the location was surrounded by fields and had excellent visibility
    • No object of collision was found
    • The estimated speed was 60 mi/h, within the speed limit
    • The drive had not tried to evade
    • At the curb were footprints, leading to the fields
    • In the filed there were a few 9 mm casings
    • The tracks ended like the person who left them had flown away
  • At lunch we ran into Mulligan
    • He was investigating animal disappearances and mutilation
    • Also crop circles
    • He thinks that the chupacabra is behind them
  • While waiting for a helicopter with thermal camera we decided to investigate Mulligan's claims
  • Interviewing local farmers confirmed Mulligan's information
    • There were plenty of crop circles
  • In the nighttime we went out with binoculars to look for the cause of the crops circles
    • At midnight we used night vision binoculars to spot some people moving in the fields
    • We moved after them, but they saw us and tried to escape
    • They ignored commands to stop and our authority
    • Pursuing them we couldn't catch them, but were able to follow their tracks
  • After about an hour we got the feeling we were being shadowed
  • When we reached a narrow trail between two rock formations we decide to ambush our shadow
    • Mulligan continued while Robert and Weeden stayed waiting on both sides of the trail
  • Then something unexpected happened
    • There was a noise like a tornado and something blew past the trail too fast to see
    • Robert and Weeden waited for a while before going after Mulligan
    • He was found unconscious, with a puncture wound on his neck and suffering from loss of blood
    • After first aid he was dragged to the car
  • On the route back we were approached by an an unarmed man
    • We ordered it to stop while pointing our guns toward it
    • It did not react, but walked until it was around 20 meters away
    • Then it stopped and opened it's mouth, revealing sharp teeth and a scream
    • It then charged towards us
    • We shot it until it fell down and was not moving
    • We carefully closed in and checked that it was dead
    • It looked like a malnourished Mexican migrant worker
      • It had sharp teeth which had pulled back into the gums
      • It looked pale and anemic
  • As Mulligan was able to walk, we were able to drag it back to the car
  • We headed to the local health center
    • Mulligan was taken in for a treatment
    • The body of the migrant worker did not reveal anything new
  • In the meanwhile agent Weeden had reported the incident to the FBI
  • We retired to our motel for the rest of the night
  • Checking the ID of the migrant worker we found that one had disappeared from a nearby farm
    • We also found that other workers were missing
    • A new crop circle had been formed during last night
  • Later we found an abandoned truck
    • It should have reached it's destination several days ago
    • The driver was missing
  • The farms were raided with INS, but nothing important to the case was found
  • The helicopter arrived and we did sweeps for the missing with it's thermal camera
  • Next day Mulligan had found a dead vagrant lying next to a road
    • He said that he had met him the previous day when he was still fine
  • There were plenty of tracks nearby and we asked for support from the local law enforcement
    • We tracked them with blood hounds and a large search party
    • After a long search nothing was found
  • When we returned to the town we heard that the national guard was there
    • Their commanding officer did not reveal on whose orders they had arrived
    • They were wondering why we hadn't been told about their presence
  • Agent Weeden was ordered off the field and the command of the operation was transferred to agent Robert
    • He decide to use the national guard and their Black Hawk helicopters in the hunt before the press heard about it
    • The group was found wandering at hills near the place where Mulligan had been injured
    • When the national guard were ordered in with their helicopters, they killed everyone in the group
    • The dead included the missing NSA agent Maison along with the truck driver
      • All had the same symptoms as the migrant worker
  • On the pretext of a contagion, Robert got USAMRIID to transport the bodies to their facility
  • Returning to the town, Mulligan had an odd tale to tell
    • He claimed to have fought some kind of a demon near one of the crop circles while Robert was leading the national guard attack
    • As proof he showed a video of him performing a confusing ritual in the field surrounded by smoke
    • The national guard had found him in the middle of a crop circle, unconscious
    • Robert did not find any proof on the location


Result of operation:

Causes for success/failure:

Lessons learned:

Improvements (processes, intelligence, resources):

Leads and loose ends:

  • The affected bodies and samples stored at the USAMRIID
  • Cause of the "infection" unknown
    • Possibly an alien test on humans
    • Maybe Mulligan's "demon" was one of the aliens or one of their devices
  • What was the national guard unit?
    • They were acting very professionally and with discipline


Agent Robert's Report