Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Operation Clockwork

From Karriviki

Date: 27.2.1998

Agents and Friedlies:

  • Julius Estéban (Agent Robert)
  • Joseph Mulligan
  • Anthony Norland
  • Edgar Smith
  • Theodore Weeden
  • Russel Whigett

Case Details



  • Professor Smith

The victims

  • The archeologists

The distraction

  • FBI agents Weeden and Whigett


  • Invetigations on a strange clockwork mechanism received by professor Smith
  • The strange clockwork mechanism
  • The archeological dig
  • The teleport doorway to Greece




Aronhaltley, Texas


Operation Log

  • Professor Smith had received a strange clockwork mechanism from a colleague
  • The colleague was currently on a dig in Texas and had denied sending the mechanism
  • Senior FBI agent Whigett joined in the investigation with Weeden
    • He had many questions about previous operations
    • Weeden was being investigated by the FBI Internal Affairs because of a shooting incident in operation Wise Man
  • Using rental cars the trip to the remote dig was so long that we needed to rest for the night at a motel
  • During the trip professor Smith made a discovery
    • The mechanism opened, revealing a starry vista
    • The stars seemed to be heading toward a point in the horizon
    • The artifact may be some sort of a compass
    • It was suspected to be of alien origin
  • Whigett was giving the impression that this was an official FBI investigation and warning about the repercussions of interfering with it
    • It was decided to keep him in the dark about the true operation
  • During the night some lights in the sky were spotted
    • They moved in a pattern like a flying saucer or triangle
    • Chasing them into the desert a landing spot with three depressions was found
  • The next day at the archaeological dig it was made clear that no one had any memory of the clockwork mechanism or anything else suspicious
  • The most likely locations for the origin of the clockwork were an abandoned mine and a dried up riverbed
  • The FBI agents Weeden and Whigett were tagging along, disturbing our investigation
  • When they were investigating the mine in the evening, we used the artifact and it seemed to be pointing to something in the riverbed
  • In the morning the FBI agents had left
  • In the riverbed we found a ruin, the corner of an old building
  • Digging it out revealed a doorway
  • The place reminded of a tomb
  • In the first room was a human skeleton with some bronze objects buried in sand
  • Deeper in was a stone door with no apparent opening mechanism
  • It was opened using the artifact
  • When professor Smith investigated in, the door closed and locked, trapping him inside
  • The door could not be opened and we left the site
  • Later we were surprised by a phone call from professor Smith
  • He was in Greece, and said that the doorway lead into the basement of an old building
    • He claimed it was some sort of an ancient teleportation device
  • Later when he had returned to the US, we buried the ruins
    • We marked it's location to our maps
  • Dating the skeleton revealed it's age to be roughly 2000 years


Result of operation:

Causes for success/failure:

Lessons learned:

Improvements (processes, intelligence, resources):

Leads and loose ends:

  • What caused the amnesia of the archaeological crew?


Agent Robert's Report


  • Robert's theory:
    • Activating the artifact let the aliens know where it was done and they came to check on the ruins and that their teleport was still hidden in sand
    • This is proof that aliens have been active on our world for millennia