Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Operation Farewell

From Karriviki

Date: 20.1.1998

Agents and Friedlies:

  • Dockery (Agent Richard)
  • Julius Estéban (Agent Robert)
  • Joseph Mulligan
  • MIA Henry O'Sullivan
  • Theodore Weeden

Case Details



  • Postal Inspector Henry O'Sullivan


  • Joseph Mulligan


  • The disappearance of O'Sullivan


  • 20.1.1998
    • O'Sullivan's escape from home
  • 27.1.1998
    • Investigation of Mulligan's lead


  • Washington DC
  • Steenbergenmoor, Maryland


Operation Log

  • Robert and Richard had discussed talking with the friendlies involved in previous (freelance) investigations into the preternatural
    • They feared that the death or insanity of these investigators would cause the loss of the information they had gained, which could lead into the loss of an agent's life
  • The disappearance of Timothy Smith had made this an urgent matter
  • Postal Inspector Henry O'Sullivan had the longest experience (outside of Smith) on the subject, so we chose him as our subject
  • The problem was his increasing paranoia, which had lead to him going under ground
  • While trying to locate him we found that someone else was also on his trail
  • When we found his residence, we rushed there
  • At the location some federal agency had already cordoned off the block
  • We had time to go around the block and settle in for surveillance when we heard gunshots
  • We spotted O'Sullivan trying to escape from an alleyway
  • Richard rode his motorcycle for interception, but was shot by a police patrol
    • He lost control of his bike, but was not badly hurt
  • While Richard and O'Sullivan were escaping the police patrol through an alley, Robert went around and picked them up on his car
  • Driving away carefully we managed to avoid the attention of other police patrols
  • At a rest stop we heard O'Sullivan's story
    • He said that the DEA had assaulted into his apartment and he barely managed to escape through a window
    • From the police radio we heard that he was wanted for drug trafficking
  • We had to find a place for him to lay low, and we did. Richard knew of a safe house in Steenbergenmoore
  • The place was a house in a quiet suburb, and suited us well. We brought O'Sullivan some supplies and returned to Washington DC.
  • Next day we heard from O'Sullivan that Mulligan had appeared into his hideout
    • He told that he had been investigating a mystery in the neighborhood when he saw O'Sullivan
    • He was suspicious, but not deemed to be a threat
  • We told O'Sullivan why we were there an discussed with him
    • It became obvious that he was slipping beyond sanity
    • He had some nuggets of vital information, but they were mixed with insane ravings
  • We started planning of setting him up somewhere safe where he could be helped
  • Still we decided to return to check on the clues found by Mulligan to make sure there was no risk to the safe house
  • A week later we returned with Mulligan and Weeden
    • A body had been found in the severs
    • Also flooding of severs
    • Remarkable number of rats
  • All were in the same area
  • The plans of the pipes were missing from city archives
    • They were missing after renovations done after the flooding
    • A copy would be available in the county archives, but they were closed during the weekend
  • We investigated some farms just in case
  • DEA vehicles were spotted in town
  • A phone call to O'Sullivan revealed that he had been tipped about them and had obtained a car to escape
  • We arranged for a rendezvous a gas station at the highway
  • We decided to try to get O'Sullivan in friendly hands and contacted Laura
    • The plan was to drug O'Sullivan and get him to Laura, who would take care of the rest
  • At the gas station we talked with O'Sullivan
    • He said that he had contacted friends of his who lived under the ground and could hide him
    • He may be delirious or actually telling the truth
  • We tried drugging him, but he was so nervous he didn't touch his coffee
  • The TV news were talking about O'Sullivan as a fugitive so he left immediately
  • We decided not to try to apprehend the armed and disturbed O'Sullivan
  • He left for unknown destination as we returned to Washington DC
  • We did not meet him after that, but received a phone call from him
    • He is alive, but his sanity has crumbled


Result of operation:

Causes for success/failure:

Lessons learned:

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Agent Robert's Report