Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Operation Fimbulvinter 2

From Karriviki

Date: 2.11.1999

Agents and Friedlies:

  • Leonard Baker (Rose)
  • Alejandro Hall (Remington)
  • Will Noolun (Rahl)
  • Adrian O'Malley (Rehoboam)
  • Mona Sanders (Revenant)

Case Details



  • Olof Sagen aka. DJ Carcass
    • Norwegian citizen
    • Shared a hotel with Elvire
    • Used to play in "Celestial Scorn"
  • Ville Vignes aka. Blasmethor
    • Norwegian citizen
    • Had a band called "Profane Era"
    • Borther Rune was also a member
      • Committed suicide in 1996
    • Plays solo as "Blasmethor"
  • Elvire Tandberg aka. Nightwitch
    • Norwegian citizen
    • Used to date Rune?
    • Plays bass in "Satanic Throne"
      • The band was playing on Saturday the 30th at a smaller club related to the Millennium Metal Mayhem
      • Did not live in the same hotel as the rest of the band
  • Austin Gilbert
    • Organized the party at the Boston Avalon theater
    • Local music promoter
    • Found Ayden Berg by asking online newsgroups and forums for a good security boss
  • Terrie Holyn
    • Manager of "Charnel Dreams"
    • Boss of "Conqueror Worm Music"
    • Music business veteran
  • Unknown psychiatric patient
    • Manfred Warren
    • Held at the Boston City Psychiatric Hospital
  • Jesse Stout
    • Deceased
    • Attacker in Avalon
    • Odinist
    • Member of the "True Nordic Brethen", an Odinist militia group
  • Chad Jennings
    • The bouncer
    • Suicide by cop
    • Odinist


  • Avalon theater
  • Smoke machine liquid additives
    • Plants and fungi used traditional medicine and/or in witchcraft
    • Too low concentrations to affect anyone pharmacologically
  • Interviews of the injured
  • Source of the Tibetan chant found
  • "Atlas of the Invisible Truth" aka. "Atlas Invisibilem Veritatem"
    • By Egisto Almonte Pedroza
    • Original in Latin 1726
      • Held in the closed section of the Harvard University library in Cambridge
      • Small manuscript, less than 10 cm
      • Written as a palimpsest on top of an old psalm book
      • Partially destroyed
    • English translation 1930, softcover limited run reprint in 1963
    • A study of the beliefs of the tibetan buddhists of the left-hand path, Vamachara
    • Written by a Jesuit interested in the local "devil worship"
    • Bitter record of rites by a writer who despises his subject


  • 2-7.11.1999


  • Boston, Massachusetts


  • Motivations of the Odinists
  • The meaning of Fimbulvinter
    • Interviews of the injured occultist (Raymund Kalp)

Operation Log


Result of operation:

Causes for success/failure:

Lessons learned:

Improvements (processes, intelligence, resources):

Leads and loose ends:


Fimbulvinter 2 Report by Friendly Revenant