Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Operation Gathering of the Ten

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Agents and Friedlies:

  • Dockery
  • Jesus Rodriguez Estéban
  • Julius Estéban
  • Gerald Hughes
  • Joseph Mulligan
  • Anthony Norland
  • The voice of "Henry O'Sullivan"?
  • Edgar Smith
  • Stephen Wainwright
  • Theodore Weeden
  • Russel Whigett

Case Details


The ten Friendlies who had met along the investigations

The voice on the telephone claiming to be ex postal inspector Henry O'Sullivan

  • Presumed lost
  • Under federal warranty for suspected involvement in domestic terrorism
    • Possibly a false claim created by our enemies in the government


An informal meeting of the Friendlies involved on several preternatural cases, with history before their involvement with DG.

Summary of Norland's memo about his investigations:

  • Teleportation
  • Aliens
  • Technology from outside of the human race
  • Possessing spirits
  • Shapeshifting
  • Speculations on
    • The spirit world and demons
    • Government conspiracies
    • Private interests
  • Notes on tradecraft in field investigations
    • Encrypted head-set radios
    • Avoid cell phones
    • Protective (bullet resistant) vests
    • Keeping regular contact to friendlies outside of the operational area
    • Documentation
    • Avoiding involvement with officials
    • Possible help and advice from the private interests



The first case investigated was in 4.9.1994


The residence of professor Edgar Timothy Smith


To gather together the knowledge obtained by this group for preservation and analysis

Operation Log


Result of operation:

Causes for success/failure:

Lessons learned:

Improvements (processes, intelligence, resources):


Norland's Memo