Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Operation Lost Time

From Karriviki

Date: 23.3.1998

Agents and Friedlies:

  • Dockery (Agent Richard)
  • Julius Estéban (Agent Robert)
  • Theodore Weeden

Case Details



  • FBI special agent Weeden
  • FBI special agent Whigett


  • The man who gave the necklace


  • The necklace




Harlem, New York City


Operation Log

  • Contacting FBI special Weeden to find out if he was still being investigated and supervised by special agent Whigett
  • Weeden had been suspended after being suspected of assaulting Whigett
    • His explanation was confusing and required more thorough investigation
  • He told that he had woken up in a dark tunnel with no memory of how he got there
    • He was not drunk and had not been mugged
    • He had found himself in a subway tunnel under Harlem
  • After returning home he realized that the gap in his memory was several weeks long
  • When he contacted the FBI, he was arrested for assaulting Whigett with a paper weight and trying to force his way into the FBI evidence storage
    • Whigett was hospitalized and in a coma
    • The evidence from the disappeared FBI special agent Timothy Smith was stored in that location
    • Weeden had been ordered on a psych evaluation
  • Search of Weeden's apartment showed that someone else had searched it before
    • We found the taser he had used at the evidence storage
    • His car was missing, but was found also in Harlem
    • The car was near the subway entrance and mostly unharmed
  • Weeden's psych evaluation report showed that hypnotism had been used in trying to recover his memories
    • The tapes of the session revealed the he had met a man, who had given him some kind of necklace
    • Soon after this he had his assault and attempted break-in
    • Then he had gone to Harlem and in the subway had encountered something so horrible it had caused his amnesia
    • He had escaped the threat and found his way out of the tunnel
  • He could not recall any details about the suspect
  • Robert and Richard took the bus to New York
  • Questioning some derelicts at the subway tunnel confirmed Weeden's story
  • Consulting Laura she told us to use guns only for self-defense
  • Some Transit Authority guards tried to block our way, warning about danger of tunnel collapse, but Richard's badge was enough to bypass them
  • Footprints in an abandoned tunnel may have been left by Weeden
  • We continued by marking our path with chalk
  • The tunnels formed an amazing maze
  • In a crossroads we heard a dragging sound
  • We waited, but kept our weapons holstered as told by Laura
  • Soon a being, an oily black mass, slithered in
    • Richard pulled out a camera before Robert could stop him
    • The thing struck the camera with one of several pseudopodia
    • The situation was tense, but Robert managed to convince the being that we were not here to cause trouble
    • It seemed to understand and was less agitated
    • Then it performed a body search, removing our weapons and most of our gear
    • It carried us further and dumped into a shallow shaft filled with water
  • We found oour way out illuminating it with a lighter
  • After exiting the tunnels wet and ragged we flagged a police car and made up a story about mugging
  • Contacting Laura she told that she had not encountered anything like that being before and that it was not what she had in mind when she warned us


Result of operation:

  • Failure

Causes for success/failure:

Lessons learned:

Improvements (processes, intelligence, resources):

Leads and loose ends:

  • Was the perpetrator trying to access the property of FBI special agent Timothy Smith?
  • It had used FBI special agent by some mind control or possession
    • Magic or technology?
  • Is Weeden still under his influence


Agent Robert's Report