Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Operation Moth

From Karriviki

Date: 2.3.1999

Agents and Friedlies:

  • Julius Estéban (Agent Robet)
  • Anthony Norland (Agent Raphael)
  • Adrian Novak (Agent Ray)
  • Theodore Weeden

Case Details


Cell E:

  • Agent Eric


  • Information extraction on the request of cell E




Portland, Oregon


Operation Log

  • Raid of Adamant Corp. as a joint operation of the CIA, FBI and U.US Postal Inspection Service
  • The mental state of agent Ray is suspect?
    • Startled by something only he saw
  • Our team under the code name BLUE HAWK, allegedly working with the FBI
  • The target information was about a Millennial suicide cult
  • Agent Raphael was recognized by one of the members of law enforcement present, his former colleague in the military
  • Agent Raphael tripped some kind of alarm in the data center
  • Everyone except agent Ray left the building without an incident
    • What happened to Ray?
  • There was a change of plan as Cell E requested medical aid and transport for a wounded female suspect to New York
    • She had been shot into her chest with a shotgun
  • The suspect was stabilized and moved for transport
  • Due to agent Raphael's protests that it could be stolen, the laptop with the target data was not left in the forest for pick up
  • During the night the suspect's state was weakening
  • The van was surrounded by a swarm of moths on the highway
    • Agent Raphael claimed that the species did not normally live that far North
    • Also the bats following to feed on the moths were too far North
    • The swarming concentrated on the van
  • The suspect had tattoos, which according to Agent Ray formed a magical pattern
  • Ray succeeded in shutting off the effect and dispersing the animals by cutting the lines of the tattoo with salt from Mc Donalds
  • The patient died soon after this incident
  • While stopping for supplies to preserve the body a local sheriff got interested and we had to explain the body transport and show our IDs
  • From within the sleeping bag acting as body bag movement was detected
  • A weird looking insect (a coleopteran) in the bag was the cause and it was captured
    • In New York Laura packed the insect in a bio hazard container wrapped in foil and taped with religious symbols an wetted with some fluid


Result of operation:

Causes for success/failure:

Lessons learned:

Improvements (processes, intelligence, resources):


Operation Moth Report by Agent Robert

Friendly Weeden's Report on Operation Moth (In Finnish) File:Templar DataRetrieval Weeden.pdf