Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Operation Night Owl: Part 2

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Spoiler Warning: Contains spoilers for the official DG adventure "Night on the Owlshead Mountain"

Date: 15.4.2000

Agents and Friedlies:

  • Alain Franco (Pope)
  • Lucas Kurzmann (Prometheus)
    • KIA
  • Laverne Lancaster (Agent Poseidon)

Case Details


  • Agent Irene
  • "Old Thomas" Waban
  • Deputy Warren Fitzgerald
  • "Cooter" McGee
  • Professor Smith
  • Brett Ortiz


  • Phase 2 preparations
    • Intelligence gathering
      • State officials in charge of archeological sites
    • Preparing for the occult operations
    • Planning the disinformation campaign
  • Phase 2 direct action
    • Consultation of professor Smith and mr. Ortiz
      • Ritual for contacting the "Silent Ones" discussed
      • Comparison of stories about the "Silent Ones", Yeti, Bigfoot, Sasquatch and "Cooter" McGee
      • Speculation: Service of "Silent Ones" older than humanity?
    • First contact via the ritual
      • Ritual site: Ring of standing stones on the slope of Owlshead mountain
      • Operator: Prometheus
      • Communication with the "Slient Ones"
    • Obtaining crystals as gifts for the "Silent Ones"
    • Second contact via the ritual
      • Operator: Prometheus
      • Exchange of gifts
      • Use of the gifts
        • Death of "Cooter" McGee
        • Destruction (?) of the "Daughter of the Goddess"
    • Deadly contamination
      • Those who had handled the gifts got sick
        • Prometheus died while waiting for being admitted to the ER


  • 15.4.2000
    • Operation phase 2 starts
    • First ritual on the Owlshead mountain
  • 3.5.2000
    • Second ritual
  • 10.5.2000
  • The infection manifests


  • Vermont
    • Townsend
    • Duxbury
    • Waterbury
    • Mill Village
    • Colbyville
    • Owlshead mountain


Operation Log


Result of operation:

Causes for success/failure:

Lessons learned:

Improvements (processes, intelligence, resources):

Leads and loose ends:


Agent Prometheus' Report on Operation Night Owl (In Finnish)

File:Night Owl Poseidon.pdf


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