Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Operation Ragnarok 2

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Date: 22.12.1999

Agents and Friedlies:

  • Karafuto "Kara" Char (Pond)
  • Zoe Childs (Pallas)
  • Alain Franco (Pope)
  • Lucas Kurzmann (Prometheus)
  • Laverne Lancaster (Agent Poseidon)
  • Jonathan Riley (Agent Perseus)

Case Details



  • Members of the "True Nordic Brethen"
    • Scott Stork, 47
      • Boxing coach
      • Served 4 years in US Army (artillery)
      • Martial arts champion
      • Prison sentences for hate crimes and violent crimes
      • Has been a member of the Aryan Nation
    • Margaret Stork, 49
      • Has served time in prison for trying to smuggle contraband to his husband
      • History of mental illness
      • Wife of Scott
    • Thomas Scott, 26
      • Mechanic
      • Aryan Nation
      • Apprehended
    • Michael Sexton, 34
      • Animal handler
      • Owns the farm 60 miles from Kalispell, Montana
      • Suspected of tax evasion and insurance fraud
      • Apprehended
      • Married to Florence Sexton
        • Dead
    • Frank Matheson, 24
      • Unemployed
      • Associated with Thomas Scott while serving time in prison
      • Apprehended
    • Thomas Harmon, 26
      • High rigger
      • Dishonorably discharged from the US Army
      • Has been a member of the Ku Klux Klan
      • Dead
    • Carrie Kinney, 24
      • Flew to Kalispell
      • Dead
  • Other suspected members
    • Anthony Kemp, 32
    • Daniel Robinson, 22
    • Jesse Stout, 26
      • Died in Boston
    • Robert Harris, 18
      • Flew to Kalispell and then back home
      • Detained and questioned by Friendly Po
    • Leonard Green 28
    • Gary Spencer, 16

Official contact:

  • FBI Regional Agent: Special agent Colleen Fuller
    • Dead


  • Alexander Mebane
    • On parole after a 5 year prison sentence
  • Thomas Harmon
    • Killed by one of the dogs?


  • The ritual
  • The discovery of cell P surveillance team
    • Pursuit and attack by Scott Stork and Michael Sexton
  • The FBI raid supported by other federal law enforcement
  • The escape of the militia
  • The evidence
    • Music in CD and C-tape format
    • Literature, fliers and notes
      • The Secret of the Highest North aka. Das Geheimnis des Höchsten Nord by Thomas Achen
        • Original pressing from 1926
          • In pristine condition
        • Cheap pulp copy of the English translation from 1962
          • Heavily annotated
        • Written as a scientific text, but highly incoherent
        • Combines the mythos of several cultures according to Achen's theory
        • Alludes to secret magics, but those can only be found from the sources

The Secret of the Highest North


  • 22.12.1999
    • The ritual
  • 23.12.1999
    • The attack and the raid
  • 28.12.1999
    • Thomas Scott, Frank Matheson and Gemma Vega have a run-in with the law enforcement out-of-state
    • After a pursuit and breaking through a roadblock they are captured
      • Gemma Vega is Killed
      • Thomas Scott and Frank Matheson are captured seriously wounded
      • 3 police officers are killed and 9 wounded in the pursuit and confrontation
  • 31.12.1999
    • Kalispell is hit by a freak storm
    • A federal building in Kalispell is the site of acts of random violence and fighting when the New Year's celebrations are interrupted by the storm
      • 1 person is injured an 1 killed
      • Special agent Fuller is dead
    • A car bomb explodes in Kalispell
      • The blast kills 1 bystander and wounds 6
      • The bodies of Michael Sexton, Florence Sexton and Carrie Kinney are found in the wreckage
  • 12.1.2000
    • An earthquake of magnitude 5.7 hits Washington DC
    • The epicenter lies on the IRS HQ
      • There is speculation of an explosion and terrorist attack the next day
      • True Nordic Brethen claim responsibility in a letter sent to the IRS offices
      • 22 killed and 44 injured in the collapse
    • 50 more buildings damaged, but there are no other lethalities
    • Damages roughly 100 M$
    • The quake has a highly concentrated peak (like an explosion)
    • No aftershocks
    • Other shocks felt in the area in the 20th century: 1918, 1925 & 1935
      • Largest quake known in the area in 1843
    • There are fault lines in Virginia that run through the area


  • The Compound
    • Farmhouse owned by Michael Sexton


Operation Log


Result of operation:

  • The operation was a failure
    • 27 dead and more than 60 injured
    • Massive damages
    • The main suspects still at large

Causes for success/failure:

Lessons learned:

Improvements (processes, intelligence, resources):

Leads and loose ends:


File:Ragnarok Pond.pdf

File:Raportti Ragnarök Perseus.pdf


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