Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Operation The New Age

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Spoiler Warning: Contains spoilers for the official DG adventure "The New Age"

Date 22.3.1999

Agents and Friedlies

  • KIA Julius Estéban (Agent Robert)
  • Laverne Lancaster
  • MIA Anthony Norland (Agent Raphael)
  • Adrian Novak (Agent Ray)
  • Edgar Smith
  • MIA Chang Sung (Agent Rin)
  • KIA Theodore Weeden

Case Details



  • Ex. USAF colonel Larry Daniels
    • Board member of McConnell-Bayles
  • Several pimps and prostitutes
  • Neal Beagley, a pimp
  • Rachel Marx


  • Senator (Dem.) Antonio DiTorrio


  • FBI Special Agent in Charge Louis Gaston
  • Professor Archer, a geologist


  • Douglas Walters, spiritual leader of local Enolsis chapter
  • The Enolsis Foundation
    • Headquartered in Tulsa
    • IRS investigation in 1974 ruled it as private corporation, not a church
    • Several legal cases of Enolsis vs. the IRS
    • Also Enolsis vs. the American Journal of Psychology
    • 1981 ATF raid of Enolsis
      • Suspected of tax evasion, mail fraud, conspiracy to break the gun laws, stealing government documents and organized crime
      • Arrest of Herbert Price, he escaped from the USA
    • Current leader: Jeanne Power, the Living Power
  • Ronald Valiant
  • Long criminal record
  • Ex-marine with connections to the CIA
  • Hope, shape-shifting abomination


  • Investigation on the strange death of colonel Daniels


The explosion on 21.3.1999


The raid on Enolsis HQ a few weeks later


St. Louis, Missouri The apartment of colonel Daniels

Tulsa Enolsis Foundation HQ


Operation Log

  • Daniels had died in an explosion
  • Orgy in process during the explosion
  • Mummified while holding a crystal
  • FBI suspected terrorism
  • Marks of electric fire
  • No traces of explosives
  • No effects of explosive pressure
  • Doors closed
  • The explosion did not follow the laws of physics
  • A woman merged with the ceiling, and another in the wall
  • Servants described a bright flash
  • Missing
    • Douglas Walters
    • Rachel Marx
    • The colonel's Mercedes Benz
  • "Inner science: A guide to modern reality" with a signature from Ron
  • Sung shows interest in cats?
  • Group shadowed by a journalist and the Secret Service
  • Archer is videoed stealing the crystal from his lab, but denies it
  • Suspicion of a shape changer
  • The lost car found, with the body of Rachel Marx
  • Struck dead with one blow to head
    • Strong assaillant
  • Ray compares the suspect to Patterson (of the "raisin murders")
  • Ron was revealed to be Ronald Valiant
  • Disappeared 1992, the year when Douglas Walters appeared
  • Psychological profile and fingerprints match
  • Raid to the St. Louis Enolsis offices
  • Enolsis member registry
    • Walters had embezzled from Enolsis
  • Lots of crystals
  • Plenty of illegal firearms
  • Two special tapes, marked X and For the World
    • For the World was a paranoid tape about alien controlling Enolsis and all world religions and Walter's dreams of using supernatural powers to destroy the foundation and saving the world as it's messiah
  • Walters had a charismatic hold on his followers, but they seemed innocent
  • Ray and Sung are in a car accident
  • A-cell suggested that Hope was either composed of the same protomatter as encountered in Groversville or was a Child of Tsathoggua mentioned in the Seven Cryptic Books of Tsan
  • The report on protomatter showed how to detect it and it's vulnerability to heat, electricity and corrosive agents
  • Rafael and Weeden were followed by a woman in a car
    • She had been shot and locked into a room with no exits except a small air vent, but she had esceped
    • Her car had lots of advanced surveillance equipment
    • Fingerprints caught
    • Dark haired caucasian woman
    • The car rented by a woman looking slightly different
    • Photos of both identities
  • A tracker had been attached to our car
  • Hope had visited the local FBI as Raphael and accessed some files about the operation, but nothing critical
  • A trap is set for Hope with incendiary weapons and help from SAC Gaston
  • Secret Service informed Weeden about a phone call from the senator to Enolsis in Tulsa and Walters. According to it Walters was the senator's illegitimate son. He also revealed our names to Walters.
  • The trap didn't work, but Hope attacked when we were returning
    • This resulted in a car chase and several collisions
    • Raphael and Weeden succeeded in setting Hope on fire, but she continued attacks despite of this
    • Finally Raphael destroyed it, but Weeden had caught fire and died of his injuries
    • A truck and car driver involved in the chase had vomited out protomatter after the situation was over
      • Hope had possibly used it to control these people
  • Walters contacted the Enolsis members under surveillance and had called for a meeting in a warehouse
  • The place was surrounded by local and federal law enforcement
  • Walters held a rally, blaming the government for attacking the religion
    • When the place was raided, Walters started radiating purple light, levitating and expressing preternatural powers ***telekinesis
      • energy lightning
      • protective force field
    • Waters was targeting and moving towards Robert, but losing power
    • He refused to surrender and was shot in legs before he was finally captured
    • 2 cultist and 3 local police had been killed and several more wounded in the fight
  • Walters was sent to the Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane
  • A few weeks later a raid was planned to the Enolsis HQ in Tulsa
    • Enolsis had given a warning/prediction about planetary disaster to be caused by the planet Nemesis
  • The civilian Friendlies Lancaster and Smith, not known by Walters or the senator, were sent to recon the place
  • With reinforcements from another two cells the HQ was struck in the middle of the night
  • During the strike things were very confusing
    • Apparently there was another strike by special forces dressed in black and bombardment by mortars to support it
    • When the strike team penetrated the facility, they found themselves in orbit(?) and in sight of the planet Nemesis(?)
    • They encountered several extraterrestrials and shot them
    • The orbital structures were demolished with plastic explosives
    • Several members were wounded or psychologically traumatized in the strike and some were lost
  • In the aftermath the surviving strike team was arrested and tried for terrorism because of the destruction and death laid to the facility and Enolsis members during the night
    • Almost one hundred Enolsis were wounded and tens were killed
    • The unknown team was not identified
    • Agent Raphael and Sung were committed to an asylum as they were not psychologically capable of a trial
    • Unknown assailants attacked the prisoner transport with agent Robert and he was killed in the altercation
    • Under suspicion as the official head of the operation against Enolsis, Special Agent in Charge Louis Gaston cracked under the pressure and took his life with his service weapon
  • According to astronomers, the so called "Nemesis" object either changed trajectory radically or the original calculations were wrong
  • The Enolsis Foundation sued the federal government for the attack and gathered plenty of donations and new members from sympathy and from those impressed by their feat of expelling the planet Nemesis


Result of operation

Causes for successfailure

Lessons learned

Improvements (processes, intelligence, resources)


The New Age Report by Agent Robert

File:Templar St Luis Weeden.pdf