Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Operation Touch of Light

From Karriviki

Date: 22.8.1997

Agents and Friedlies:

  • Dockery (Agent Richard)
  • Julius Estéban (Agent Robert)
  • Henry O'Sullivan
  • Edgar Smith
  • Theodore Weeden

Case Details


  • The anonymous party, who sent the letter
    • Delivered by someone pretending to be from the FBI
  • Saucerwatch
    • One of the members had worked previously with the FBI
      • Andrew Dwyer


  • Lights in the sky
    • Creatures of light
      • Harmless?
  • Secret military experiments
    • Purpose unknown
  • White tanker truck
    • Owned by North-West Trading company
  • Qalamah Valley Army Advanced Warfare Proving Grounds (QVAAWPG)
  • Physical Applications & Research Associates Inc (PARA)




  • Qalamah valley, Bedford, Pennsylvania
    • Qalamah Valley Army Advanced Warfare Proving Grounds (QVAAWPG)


  • Secret military experimentation
    • Army co-operation with aliens?
    • Testing new technology?

Operation Log

  • An anonynous letter to agent Robert delivered by Weeden from an unknown FBI agent
    • Map coordinates pointing to Bedford, Pennsylvania
    • No fingerprints on the letter
    • The man who delivered it doesn't work for the FBI
    • The location was in the middle of woods
  • When seeking lodgings on a near-by camping site we encountered professor Edgar Timothy Smith
    • He had found mention of the place in the papers of his missing grand nephew, FBI special agent Timothy Smith
  • The coordinates lead us to an abandoned US Army base
    • The was was guarded by private security
  • Next morning we found out that there were UFO enthusiasts from the Saucerwatch in the camping area
    • They had heard of lights in the sky in the area
    • Two of their members had gone missing
  • We decided to join forces in finding the missing
  • Around noon both were found
    • One was dead
    • The other was delirious
      • She had no recollection of the last day and couldn't tell what she had seen
  • Return to the camping site for discussion
  • Robert went to the nearest town with the body
    • He lied to the local authorities, claiming that the death was an accident
    • Autopsy revealed possible cause of death: strong electric shock to the whole body
    • One of the Saucerwatch members seemed to have wide-ranging knowledge and experience in similar operations
  • Next night Richard, Robert and O'Sullivan went exploring the base
    • The trip was kept secret from the others in case they needed to hide evidence from the rest
  • Robert was keeping watch with a sniper rifle while the other two infiltrated the area
    • He lost visual contact and waited for the pre-determined deadline and a half an hour more for their return
  • Then Robert returned to the camp and alerted everyone there
  • Next morning there was activity at the base
    • Several army trucks
    • A white tanker truck
    • A helicopter
  • A close watch was kept on the base and the roads leading there
  • No sign of Richard or O'Sullivan
  • The base was quickly cleared and the vehicles left by noon
  • Those watching the roads started shadowing the convoy
  • Others went to search the base
  • Richard and O'Sullivan were found in the base
    • They said they had encountered some beings of pure light, and were unharmed
    • The encounter had started an alarm and they had had to hide
    • They could not leave because the base was being evacuated
  • The base was well cleared and little evidence was left
    • Some large instruments had been removed from the site
  • Some of the vehicles had been successfully shadowed to an active army base
    • The others were lost


Result of operation:

Causes for success/failure:

Lessons learned:

Improvements (processes, intelligence, resources):

Leads and loose ends:


Operation Touch of Light Report by Agent Robert (In Finnish)


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