Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Operation Witch Hammer

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Date: 17.1.2000

Agents and Friedlies:

  • Leonard Baker (Agent Rose)
  • Michael Buckh
  • Mona Sanders (Friendly Revenant)
  • Harold Splitriver

Case Details



  • Olof Sagen aka. DJ Carcass
    • Norwegian citizen
    • Shared a hotel with Elvire
    • Used to play in "Celestial Scorn"
    • Deemed harmless?
  • Ville Vignes aka. Blasmethor
    • Norwegian citizen
    • Earth auger operator
    • Had a band called "Profane Era"
    • Borther Rune was also a member
      • Committed suicide in 1996
    • Plays solo as "Blasmethor"
    • Criminal record (Norway):
      • Intimidation of a witness
      • False sworn statement
      • Perjury
      • Criminal mischief
      • Aggravated criminal possession of a weapon
      • Harming an animal trained to aid a person with disbility
    • Living alone on a farm
      • The farm protected by magic?
    • Bad reputation
    • Wants the end of the world?
    • Went deeper into occult after the death of his brother
    • His motivations and esoteric philosophy were not understood by Elvire
      • Belief in the "Gients of the North"
      • Elvire claimed to have seen him summon them to dance with the Aurora Borealis
    • Killed in self-defense
  • Elvire Tandberg aka. Nightwitch
    • Norwegian citizen
    • Anthropologist
    • Used to date Rune (confirmed)
    • Plays bass in "Satanic Throne"
      • The band was playing on Saturday the 30th at a smaller club related to the Millennium Metal Mayhem
      • Did not live in the same hotel as the rest of the band
    • Lives in a house in Bergen with Kelsey Morgan
      • Has fish and birds as pets
    • Satan worshipper
    • Powers of the mind?
    • Left in the woods
  • Julian Mercer aka. Necropoison
    • Lives in Boston
    • Key organizer of Fimbulvinter
    • Used to be in the band "Devoid of God"
    • Since then has moved to dark ambient played under the moniker "Vehement Master"

Local contact:

  • Roald Ovesen
    • "A friend of Charlie"
    • Keeper of the Bergen Green Box
      • Contains "Big Bertha" among other items


  • Infiltration to the country as Canadian citizens
  • Talking with the local contact
  • Inventory of the Green Box
  • Casing of locations
  • Shadowing Elvire and Kelsey
  • Kidnapping and interrogation of Elvire
    • Left in the woods without a cell phone to keep her away
  • Attempted capture of Ville
    • Ville attacked Mona with an axe
    • Mona shot him with a silenced Mini-Uzi
  • After return to the US both Sanders and Baker were possessed by the dead Norwegians
    • Both were successfully exorcised
  • Mercer was heard to have murdered his family and disappeared
  • Agents broke into the house owned by Mercer to investigate
    • Plenty of material recovered


  • 17-21.1.2000
    • Operation in Norway
  • 29.1.2000
    • Possession of Baker and Sanders
    • Exorcism
  • 11.2.2000
    • Break in to Mercer's house in Boston to investigate


  • Bergen, Norway


Operation Log


Result of operation:

Causes for success/failure:

Lessons learned:

Improvements (processes, intelligence, resources):

Leads and loose ends:


Operation Witch Hammer Report by Agent Revenant


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