Kouvola (The Reach Campaign)

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Kouvola Map


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Kouvola is a poor, non-industrial, dangerous world, with over a hundred thousand people living under protective domes.

There is an Excellent quality starport, with banking, refined fuel, maintenance, and a starship capable yard. It is a Mid Tech world.

Kouvola is around 11,200 kilometers diameter (0.93 G). There is a very thin atmosphere (0.17 atm) with a taint (low Oxygen); a compressing respirator/filter or PLSS is required. There is 30% open water or ice on the surface. The surface temperature at the twilight zone is hot, but varies according to the secondary star's orbit around the primary.

Total population is 300,000. The locals have a civil service bureaucracy for a government. It has High Law Level: All weapons are prohibited.

The planet is tidally locked. It is 0.05 AU from it's secondary. The secondary's 100D limit is 0.24 AU. The primary star is of G5V type, the secondary is M0V. There are no gas giants or planetoid belts in the system.

The estimated GWP of Kouvola is 0 and annual trade is 312 MCr/a.

Kouvola Locations

  • Alauzes: The capital
  • Hyeddemim: Major industrial center
  • Ketkelere: Defensive fortification
  • Kielee: Trade academy
  • Loaha: Major port
  • Nubneh: Old fortification
  • Pardani: Old capital
  • Äudäle: Labyrinth of Ahman (seat of artifacts)

Military Capabilities

Kouvola has limited military capability. It has a standing army of ca. 3000 professionals, with no reserve or militias. It's system navy consists of two fighters.

Kouvola Society

The people of Kouvola are peaceful and meek. The local goverment has created a nanny state, that is controls the lives of it's citizens to protect them.

Trade Codes

  • Dangerous
  • Non-industrial
  • Poor

Society Traits

  • Submissive
  • Pacific

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  • Restrictive Laws
  • Freak Weather


Most people in Kouvola are followers of Ahmanism.