Ranua (The Reach Campaign)

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Ranua/No Return (Crucis Margin 2728)

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Ranua is a rich world of moderate population with a prosperous and thriving world economy.

There is an Excellent quality starport, with banking, refined fuel, maintenance, and a starship capable yard. The world has High Tech Level.

Ranua is around 16,000 kilometers diameter (1.41 G). A standard atmosphere (1.32 atm) is present; the air is readily breathable. There is 90% open water on the surface. Ranua has a Earth-normal climate.

Total population is 30,000,000. A feudal technocracy rules, with advancement by competence. It has a Moderate Law Level: No weapons may be possessed outside the home. Majority of the population is human, with less than 10% of hivers.

The planet is 0.79 AU from it's G5V primary, which is beyond the star's 100D limit. There are 2 gas giants in the system.

The world's GWP is 175 GCr and annual trade is 309 MCr.

It has 10 representatives in the Conclave.

A View on the Surface

Ranua's sky is blue with white clouds. The yellow main star is visible on the sky.

Plants thrive on the few islands on the surface of the world-ocean that covers most of the planet.

The inhabitants live in a tall floating cities of steel and glass. Transportation is by grav mass transport, run by specialist pilots or computers. It is hard to get licenses for private vehicles, and those are tied to the local control network near the cities.

Ranua Society

The people of Ranua are insular and conformist. They are proud of their world, considering the achievements of their society their own. They are suspicious of off-worlders, considering their societies inferior to their efficient technocracy. They are also intolerant to deviation from their norms and dressing in a conspicuous way is frowned upon. They are progressive, wishing to improve their society and technology.

Trade Codes

  • Rich

Society Traits

  • Monolithic
  • Xenophobic
  • Progressive

World Tags

  • Xenophobes
  • Oceanic World


The major religions in Pokka is Musaraism. The people of Pokka are not deeply religious, but most belong to one of the faiths.