Turku (The Reach Campaign)

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Turku/Reach (Crucis Margin 2329)

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Turku is a poor, moderate population pre-industrial hellworld, with over a hundred million sophonts struggling to survive in an inhospitable environment.

There is an Excellent quality starport, with banking, refined fuel, maintenance, and a starship capable yard. It hosts both the Reach Conclave and the Reach Naval Base. It is a High Tech world.

Turku is around 8,000 kilometers diameter and a gravity of 0.44 G. Turku has thin atmosphere (0.54 atm) with a taint is present; a filter or PLSS is required. There is 30% open water on the surface. It has a cool climate on it's livable belt.

Total population is 300,000,000. The locals have an impersonal bureaucracy for a government. It has Moderate Law Level: No weapons may be possessed outside the home. Majority of the population is human, with less than 10% of hivers.

The planet is tidally locked. It is 0.8 AU from the closer of it's binary stars. The primary star is G2V and the secondary is M3V. It is far enough away from the star's 100D limit. There are no gas giants or planetoid belts in the system.

The world's GWP is 1406 GCr and annual trade is 455 MCr.

It has 10 representatives in the Conclave.

Turku Jump 6 map

A View on the Surface

Turku's population live on the twilight zone between the hot and the cold side. The sky is blue with white clouds. The yellow main star is always at the horizon, with the red secondary moving on the sky. There are also two small moons rotating the world.

Tall plants thrive on the sunny side of the twilight belt. A lot of the surface water is tied in the ice cap on the dark side.

The inhabitants live in tall cities of steel and glass, sealed against the carbon dioxide tainted atmosphere under huge bubbles of aerogel. Population density is high, with cities on the shores of rivers and channels. Transportation is by grav mass transit, as it is difficult to get a license for a private vehicle.

Turku Society

The population of Turku is conservative and religious. They respect conformity. Living in Turku is relatively safe as the population has submitted to the vast bureacracy in control. The citizens trust in the buraeus and their rules, expecting them to keep trouble away. There has not been any technological or social change for over a century, and the people of Turku like that predictability.

Trade Codes

  • Hellworld
  • Poor
  • Pre-high population
  • Pre-industrial
  • Capital

Society Traits

  • Monolithic
  • Submissive
  • Pacific
  • Mystical
  • Reactionary

World Tags

  • Rigid Culture
  • Bubble Cities


The major religion in Turku is Li-Renism. Turku has a strong tradition of faith and practically every citizen is a believer of Li-Ren or some other faith. The local universities are strong in theology and the ministers must study there.