Kuhmo (The Reach Campaign)

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Kuhmo/Reach (Crucis Margin 2428)

UWP: D8CA885-9 Fl Ph

Kuhmo is a moderate population fluid world with over a hundred million sophonts in population size.

There is a Poor quality starport, with unrefined fuel, and a maintenance capable yard. It is a Mid Tech world.

Kuhmo is around 12,800 kilometers diameter (1.02 G). An insidious but harmless atmosphere is present (14.7 atm). Sealed protective gear is required, and normal vacc suits will be defeated within a few hours. There is more than 95% non-water fluid on the surface. Climate is cool.

Total population is 500,000,000. The locals have a civil service bureaucracy for a government. It has Low Law Level: Personal concealable weapons, light assault weapons, machine guns, automatic rifles, portable energy weapons, body pistols, explosives, and poison gas prohibited.

The planet is 0.9 Au from it's M7V star, which is outside it's 100D limit. There are no gas giants or planetoid belts in the system.

The world's GWP is 1464 GCr and annual trade is 38 MCr.

It has 8 representatives in the Conclave.

A View on the Surface

Kuhmo's population live on platforms and ships floating on a mix of water and ammonia. The sky is blue with red and brown clouds. On the sky moves the red primary star.

The inhabitants live in cities of steel and glass, sealed against the insidious ammonia atmosphere. Transportation is by sealed grav vehicles. Some of them are small floating pods, as it is hard to keep suits intact against the atmosphere of ammonia.

Kuhmo Society

The people of Kuhmo take pride in participating in their society and it's bureaus. Living in closed habitats in a non-oxygenated atmosphere and no free water has welded the citizens into cooperative society. They don't rock the boat and don't want to start any trouble. There is religious activity, but most people are only habitually religious. The society is optimistic and forward-looking, they want to actively improve their society and technology. They are working together to raise their technology and to industrialize their world.

Trade Codes

  • Fluid world
  • Pre-high population

Society Traits

  • Collectivist
  • Submissive
  • Pacific
  • Progressive

World Tags

  • Great Work
  • Seagoing Cities


The major religions in Kuhmo are Li-Renism and Ahmanism. The people of Kuhmo are not deeply religious, but most belong to one of the faiths.