Pokka (The Reach Campaign)

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Pokka/No Return (Crucis Margin 2627)

UWP: D684786-5 Ag Ri

Pokka is a rich, agricultural world of moderate population, with improving living conditions due to a bustling agro-economy.

There is a Poor quality starport, with unrefined fuel, and a maintenance capable yard. It has a Low Tech Level.

Pokka is around 9,600 kilometers diameter (0.71 G). A dense atmosphere (1.21 atm) is present; the air is readily breathable. There is 40% open water on the surface. It has a cool climate.

Total population is 10,000,000. The locals have a civil service bureaucracy for a government. It has a Low Law Level: All firearms except shotguns are prohibited.

It is 0.84 AU from it's K0V star, which is far enough from it's 100D limit. There are no gas giants or planetoid belts in the system.

The world's GWP is 17 GCr and annual trade is 5 MCr.

It has 7 representatives in the Conclave.

A View on the Surface

Pokka's sky is blue with white clouds. The orange main star on the sky is accompanied by two large moons.

Tall plants thrive on the surface. A large portion of available space is covered by regular fields.

The inhabitants live in a tall towns of steel and brick. Transportation is by wheeled vehicles. Most are owned by the government, with some owned private citizens. Farmers have shotguns, for hunting and protection from native fauna.

Pokka Society

The planet of Pokka is a nice place to live and it's people enjoy living there. They help each other and willingly take part in their society and the bureaus that control it. They don't want to cause trouble or rebel, as being able to live on the best world of the Reach is worth sacrifices.

There are more people wanting to migrate to Pokka than the Reach Conclave allows. Getting a license to migrate there is difficult and takes years in the bureaucracy.

Trade Codes

  • Agricultural
  • Rich

Society Traits

  • Collectivist
  • Submissive
  • Pacific

World Tags

  • Former Warriors
  • Local Speciality


The major religions in Pokka are Li-Renism and Ahmanism. The people of Pokka are not deeply religious, but most belong to one of the faiths.