Delta Green-Lost in the Dark

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Delta Green - Lost in the Dark

This is the main page for the long-running Delta Green campaign "Lost in the Dark". The campaign is resurrected, following two cells and their friendlies into the 21st Century. Old players are asked to get involved and fill in missing details to the pages. You are also welcome to add in-character notes and speculation to the "Why?" and "De-briefing" parts of the operation pages for the operations you have played in. More operation notes and reports will be added.

Spoiler Warning These pages contain spoilers to the world of Delta Green, published adventures and previous adventures of the group. However if you are playing in the campaign and have an old character or your character has been briefed (or has discussed previous cases with others in the group), please dig in!

For those in need of a refresher or whose characters have just been briefed about the basics, read the "Timeline", "Agent Roster" and Norland's memo for the Group of Ten.

Making Characters


Agent Roster

Current Cells

Task force Ancile

Norland's Memo and the Gathering of the Ten

Home actions in downtime

Advice to Agents

Occult Library