Ivalo (The Reach Campaign)

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Ivalo/No Return (Crucis Margin 2528)

UWP: C433313-6 Lo Po

Ivalo is a poor, low-population world with a population of less than 10,000 sophonts in population size.

There is a Routine quality starport, with unrefined fuel, and a maintenance capable yard. It is a Low Tech world.

Ivalo is around 6,400 kilometers diameter (0.31 G). There is a very thin atmosphere (0.45 atm); a compression respirator or PLSS is required. There is 30% open water or ice on the surface. Climate in Ivalo is cold.

Total population is 6,000. Local government is a corporate entity. Law Level is Very Low: Machine guns, automatic rifles, portable energy weapons, body pistols, explosives, and poison gas prohibited.

The planet is tidally locked. It is 0.09 AU from it's M7V star. It is with the star's 100D limit of 0.24 AU. There are no gas giants or planetoid belts in the system.

The world's GWP is 0 GCr and annual trade is 0 MCr.

It has 5 representatives in the Conclave.

A View on the Surface

Ivalo's population live on the twilight zone between the hot and the cold side. The sky is blue with white clouds. The red main star is always at the horizon.

Tall plants thrive on the sunny side of the twilight belt. A lot of the surface water is tied in the ice cap on the dark side.

The inhabitants live in a tall town of steel and brick. Transportation is by wheeled vehicles, with many small two-wheelers used by private citizens. Almost everyone carries a weapons of some sort, and this keeps relations polite.

Ivalo Society

All of the people of Ivalo are employees of the Ivalo Mining Company. They are cordial and tolerant of other cultures and most are originally from other worlds in the polity or even further. Most people are working on decades-long contracts and the operations of the company are planned for the next century and beyond.

Trade Codes

  • Low population
  • Poor

Society Traits

  • Cordial
  • Prudent

World Tags

  • Heavy mining
  • Ritual combat


The major religions in Ivalo are Li-Renism, Musaraism and Ahmanism. The people of Ivalo are not deeply religious, but most belong to one of the faiths.