The Reach (The Reach Campaign)

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The Reach is a five world polity that was formed 722 jointly by Turku and Ranua. It is officially known as the Turku-Ranua Guaranteed Trade Corridor. It is still dominated by Turku and Ranua, but is mutually beneficial to all partners. The Reach is independent, but there is a Droyne enclave on Ranua and a Hiver Trade Mission on Turku. The Reach has a total population of 840 million sophonts.

Important and populous worlds of the quadrant

The Worlds of the Reach

  • Turku
    • 0.44 G, tainted thin atmosphere, cool climate
    • TL 12, Port A
    • Impersonal bureaucracy
    • Rigid culture and bubble cities
  • Kuhmo
    • 1.02 G, insidious atmosphere, cool climate
    • TL 9, Port D
    • Civil service bureaucracy
    • Great work and seagoing cities
  • Ivalo
    • 0.31 G, very thin atmosphere, cold climate
    • TL 6, Port C
    • Corporate state
    • Heavy mining and ritual combat
  • Pokka
    • 0.71 G, dense atmosphere, cool climate
    • TL 5, Port D
    • Civil service bureaucracy
    • Former warriors and local specialty
  • Ranua
    • 1.41 G, standard atmosphere, normal climate
    • TL 11, Port A
    • Feudal technocracy
    • Oceanic world and xenophobes


All five worlds of the Reach are independently ruled, but jointly fund the Reach Central Defense Command. The Reach Conclave is based on the orbital Turkan Imal in orbit around Turku. Representation on the conclave is based on the economic power of each world, which ensures domination by Turku and Ranua. When they are in disagreement, the less powerful worlds' representatives decide the vote. For this reason, most of the Reach politics is based on lobbying of and by of these three worlds. Most of the time Turku and Ranua are in agreement and governing the Reach is smooth.

The Reach Conclave

The Reach Conclave representation of the worlds:

  • Turku 10
  • Ranua 10
  • Kuhmo 8
  • Pokka 7
  • Ivalo 5

The Conclave has 40 members in total.

External Politics

External relations with other polities are neutral, with the exception of the Empire of Olduvai. They have banned Reacher ships from their ports.

The Reach Central Defense Command (RCDC)

The worlds of the Reach are peaceful and there are no hostile polities close by. The military is relatively small and mostly active in protecting trade and hunting pirates. They also take part in interventions on nearby worlds to protect Reacher interest and keep peace in the Quadrant.

RCDC standard equipment is manufactured to TL 9 so it's easier to repair and maintain at all Reach worlds. Ranuans build many items to their own standards and use them as they don't trust off-world manufacturers. The logistical problems this creates are a burden, as well as the bureaucratic nature of RCDC.

Humaniti in the Reach

The humans in the Reach are a mixed lot. They are a collection of the human populations in the Gateway domain, in the Vilani and Solomani space. Most are mix of groups of different genetic ancestry. The effects of Human and Ancient genetic manipulation, genetic drift, mutations and adaptations to planetary environmental quirks the variety of humans is greater than on Earth. There are many variations of skin, hair and eye color. Solomani genetic and cultural heritage is strong as the worlds were originally colonized by them. Still there are some populations that differ from the "average" human.


The Jonkeereen were genetically engineered to survive in arid conditions. They have more efficient kidneys and a second eyelid. They have a dark, UV-resistant skin.

Most Jonkeereen in the Reach live on the hot edge of the twilight zone on Turku or Ivalo.

Focus: Alien Origin - Jonkeereen

  • Desert native, can survive in deserts without specialized gear
  • Immune to blindness from bright light or airborne dust
  • Requires half of the water other humans need


The Luriani were seeded on Daramm by the Ancients and geneered for amphibian life. They have webbed hands and feet, a second eyelid, oily skin and plenty of subcutaneous fat. They can hold theyr breath for a long time and can dive down to 240 m. They are artistic and musical, and also make talented pilots. For historical reasons they have a liking for Solomani culture.

Most Luriani in the Reach live on Ranua.

Focus: Alien Origin - Luriani

  • Origin skill: Pilot
  • Origin skill: Perform
  • Amphibious, can move at full speed in water and dive down to 240 m without specialized equipment


The Sydites were radically altered by the Ancients. They originate from Khuur. They are large (2-2.5 m tall) and have four arms (2 for heavy lifting and 2 for fine manipulation). They have blockish and brutish appearance, and have historically suffered from prejudice. They are unimaginative, straightforward and do not do well in positions of authority.

Sydites can be found on all of the worlds of the Reach.

Focus: Alien Origin - Sydite

  • Tough
  • Innate ability - extra arms, can have full Str of ready gear
  • Strong Attribute:
    • +1 Str bonus for one pair of arms
    • +1 Dex bonus for the other pair of arms
    • Does not affect legs or full-body athletics
  • +2 to all physical attributes
  • -2 to all mental attributes

Religions in the Reach

These are the most popular religions in the Reach. There are many smaller denominations, old and new, but these have the most followers.