Tomorrow We Die (MechWarrior)

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Tomorrow We Die

"MechWarrior, cling thee not to this world,
As it holds for you no more.
But listen! Listen for the song from afar,
And heed the lilting call of the land that awaits.

Let the final breath slip from your pierced chest,
And your broken hands fall from the stick.
Bend your bloodied brow to this life,
And let tumble the shattered helm that once cradled your head.

Leave behind these acrid smokes of the fields,
These swirling battlegrounds of charred metal, bone and flesh.
Depart from the flashing fires that filled your eyes with destruction,
And abandon the burning hulk of steel and crimson that was your mount.

Hold not to this realm,
But hasten! Hasten down the twisting path to the mountains.
To the dark mountains and beyond,
And across the shimmering sea."

The War Has Begun


"How can we act against the government? It is treason!"

"Some philosophers say that it is the right of the people of a nation to overthrow a government that acts against their common interests and threatens the safety of the people. I disagree... It is not a right. It is our duty. A duty ordered by nothing less than the Letters of Government, written by our ancestors.

Just remember that they didn’t take the power. There was no evil master plan working behind the scenes. They were no super villains – just ordinary people. Just ordinary people who got used to the idea that the power given to them by the democratic process actually belongs to them, and them only. Just ordinary people who got corrupted by the power to the point that they think that they know what is the best for the rest of us.

They gave up on their principles, and they let the power to twist their ideals and morale. Now there is no hope of them giving up the power back to the people.

So we must do it for them."

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"Warriors! Tomorrow we may die, but today we fulfill our duty! Today we fight and win!"

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